Therapeutic TALK

Therapeutic TALK (Training in Applied Linguistics Knowledge) provides insights into the mechanics of productive interaction with clients and patients. Psychologists, counsellors, social workers and allied health professionals all have extensive clinical and professional experience in therapeutic talk, but this CPD – drawing on research in conversation analysis and discursive psychology – details how interaction works predictably across large datasets, in different types of therapy, with different practitioners. This course provides a detailed study of the sequences of interactional practices that lead to particular outcomes. Evidence-based activities illustrate, for example, how people avoid answering questions, how to elicit information, what manner of questioning proves productive in a range of contexts, and how goals can be pursed while maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship.

This four-hour online course has practical learning outcomes in four key topics:

1. Fundamentals of talk-in-interaction

2. Managing misunderstanding

3. Dealing with resistance

4. Alignment and affiliation

The course fee of $150 (+GST) includes the four-hour interactive workshop on research in therapeutic talk, a certificate of completion, and year-long access to course materials, readings and further resources.

Participants can complete the course at any time in the calendar year and will qualify for an ongoing professional learning program offered by TALK Seminars.